Updated: Feb 28, 2018

As a studio located in the heart of London, we get to see lots of London weddings every year.

But just like the diversity of this great city, our clients and their weddings are all completely one of a kind; I can confidently say that no two are alike!

Kait and Carl’s wedding was certainly a memorable affair to remember, from the bridal shoot to the lavish reception dinner at the Venetian, the whole event was nothing short of spectacular.

To kick off the festivities, they selected an invitation to match their traditional meets romantic aesthetic: our signature Great Gatsby letterpress suite. I just love how it set the perfect tone for the big day and even in their wedding pictures seemed to fit perfectly in. (Quick tip: Don’t forget to provide your photographer with one of your invitations for him/her to shoot on your wedding day. It’s a part of your wedding like all other aspects so it’s great to include it in your wedding photos!). The good photographer captures every moment in splendid detail, go ahead and see for yourselves!

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