Wedding At A French Chateau with Laduree Inspired Invitations​​​

Sitara Kuruvilla, 32, married Simon Guineberteau, 32, at L'eglise Sacré Coeur in Cholet, followed by a reception at Château de La Colaissière in Saint-Sauveur-de-Landemont, both in Northern France, on 20th August 2017. She says:

We held our wedding over the course of a weekend, in the French region where Simon grew up. This way, we were able to spend time with all of our guests without it being over in a flash. We also wanted everyone there to feel like it was a holiday for them, too, filled with celebrations and activities.

Our photographer, Neda from Storyett Photography, was an absolute treasure. Not only did she capture our celebration beautifully (a real priority for us), but she actually assisted with the smooth-running of the weekend's events. She captured raw emotions because everyone was 100% comfortable with her.

The Brides Magazine shared their story thanks to Storyett Photography

Neda is a UK based Photographer is she is one of the best when we are talking for the small details and catching the right moment!

The Bride Sitara was one obsessed with Laduree Macarons! She wanted all her Wedding Invitations and the Stationery for the Wedding day to be made in Laduree Style.

We used White and Blush Italian card stock for her Wedding Stationery and we printed them with Gold Foil.

The design was 100% screaming I love Laduree!

We hope you will enjoy the Pictures.

By LuxuryWeddInvitations

Image credit: Storyett Photography

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